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Hillside AM Challenge will be arranged on Saturday 22 August 2015. The entry opens on Monday 20th April, 8.00 pm.

Here's some comments from last year's participants:

"Just want to say thanks for a fantastic event! The food made it magical, not to mention the ride! I'm sitting in the car with a smile on my face in spite of my broken rear brake and derailleur; munching on a cookie makes it easy to forget. I'll have to try to lure that recipe out of you.

Thanks again,
Gustav Käck"

First of all I'd like to express a big thanks to you for arranging this event. It was huge fun even if I thought I was going to die of exhaustion a couple of times during the race. Going to definitely do it again next year if you arrange it again.

See you next time!
Johan Wilhelmsson"

Thanks for putting together a fantastic event. Everything went great, from the logistics of giving out the race bibs to the food to the race itself. Let the marshals know that they did a great job cheering us on.
The lemonade and energy bars were the recipe a secret?

Anders Callerud"

Now you can buy the official Hillside AM Challenge 2014-shirts at:

1. Björn Dixon - 1:51:31
2. Olle Wedin - 1:55:09
3. Fredrik Haga - 1:58:59

1. Emilia Karlsson - 2:26:35
2. Jennie Knutsson - 3:13:42
3. Mikaela Rustén - 3:54:03

Winner of Getryggen DH: Björn Dixon - 00:01:07
King of the mountain: Daniel Jonsson - 00:24:41
Queen of the mountain: Emilia Karlsson - 00:32:53

Here's a list of links, with videos and photos from the race:

Prepare for Launch: The years toughest MTB race is Saturday, August 23rd at 11:00.

You can now dowload the PM for the race(Swedish only).
Attachments to the PM: Map access roads and map start- & finish area.

If you’ve got a love for technical and physically challenging All Mountain riding, this race is for you. 25 km long with 615 meters of climbing on rolling terrain. Start & finish in Skatås

The race is now fully subscribed. You can still sign up on the reserve list:

Send an email to where you enter the following info:

Street Address:
Zip Code:
Telephone number:
Class: (Men or Women)

Participant list
(We'll update the list continuously, latest update 2014-08-18)

The race starts with a section of the marked MTB course and passes Brudaremossen followed by a tough climb up to Västra Långvattnet where you ride on the exposed granite along the lake. Turn left along the backside of the rocks for one more climb back to the top. 

You now approach one of the highlights: Getryggen. After descending, turn right toward Svarttjärn and continue to Soldatängen. A long technical climb is waiting for you there on Leopold’s Secret Trail. After passing Blacktjärn it’s time for the next challenge: climb Blueberry Trail. 

Blueberry is followed up by Lingonberry Trail taking you to the Golf Course Loop which winds its way up to the top of Höga Bergen (kalhygget). From the top of kalhygget you’ll take a right toward Bohusleden where the rocky descent is waiting for you. Continue a short bit on Bohusleden before turning right to make a little loop over two creeks.

Now it’s time for the trail with the fluorescent green moss and the soft pine needles. When you leave the enchanted woods you are met by the mythical Black Beast trail, which starts with a long climb and ends with a steep descent. 

The next challenge is the Chicane, which to spite it’s name, can be ridden straight through. After a bit more climbing, you reach the Ravine where the trail becomes a steep and narrow descent. As icing on the cake, there is a narrow footbridge waiting for you at the bottom. From here you’ll ride the gravel to Badger Trail and then it’s just a kilometer left till the finish and just one last piece of singletrack before you reach Skatås. Sprint the last couple of hundred meters and you’ve earned yourself a treat!
Course map, click to enlarge.
Elevation profile, click to enlarge.
GPS track
The course in both Google Maps and GPX format.

Strava segments
These 25 special segments are included in the course:
Race rules
  • Participation is at your own risk. You are responsible for yourself and your bike while out on the course. If you want insurance, you’ll have to organize it yourself.
  • Any non-motorized cycle is permitted, but no swapping of bikes during the race.
  • Helmet mandatory. Elbow and knee pads recommended.
  • If you need to stop, do not block the trail for others. 
  • Make it easy for others to pass. If you hear “On Your Left!” from behind you, keep to the right and be prepared to allow a pass at the first convenient spot.
  • You need to be 100% self-sufficient while on the course. There is no hydration, energy, mechanical or medical support provided. We recommend a hydration pack with everything you might need, including water, energy, pump, tube, tools, cellphone and first aid kit.
  • If you see someone injured, you should stop to check on them and help if necessary. For serious accident, call 112 immediately.
Only two: Men and Women

1st, 2nd and 3rd in both Mens and Womens. Climb prizes for Men and Women. And one downhill prize that is open for everyone. 

There will also be a SWAG giveaway.

Race bibs (number plates) along with snack coupons can be picked up at the mtbstore the week before the race. The Cookie Monster has promised to leave some chocolate chip cookies for you.

Energy bar
Show your snack coupon in the start area between 9:00 and 10:45 to get your indispensable energy bar.

Le Mans start! All bikes are placed in position 15 minutes before start; riders run to their bikes; men and women together. Two marshals will be guarding the bikes.

Timing starts at 11:00. If you’re shooting for one of the top places, you must use Strava. This also applies to the downhill prize where the fastest (not the first) down Getryggen wins. The Climb prize, however, goes to the first man and woman up Getryggen, as recorded by a marshal.

We recommend that everyone uses Strava which will serve as the data for the preliminary results. You can use it to compare your times with other riders over the stages we’ve designated.

A finish line camera will help sort out the final results.
Snacks after the race
We’ll be serving snacks in the finish area.

Prize ceremony
The ceremony will be held in the finish area after the race at 15.00.
Other info
Locker rooms and showers are available at Skatås motionscentral for 40 SEK.
There is a large paid parking lot adjacent to motionscentralen, see map.

Maximum 100 participants. Registration fee is 250 SEK which includes the massive homemade energy bar. Homemade raspberry lemonade, sandwiches and of course homemade cookies after the race.

Video from the course
Here's a video from the course. It shows many parts of the course and its characteristics. 

Hillside AM Challenge 2014 preview


Leo & Natasja

Maxim Sweden contributes with four energy kits for the SWAG giveaway.

Duells contributes with a luxurious Lezyne Port-A-Shop tool kit.

Mudhugger contributes with two pairs of effective mudguards. Mudhugger rips up the rule book on mudguards letting you rip down the trails.

The winner of the downhill segment can pick up a brand new helmet from Sweet, POC or Troy Lee Designs. If you’re lucky at cards you could win a gift card worth 2000 SEK, which you can use to buy any product from Norröna. See the link to the product range. Here you also pick up your bib and snack coupon for the race.

Skeppshult contributes with four pairs of Schwalbe mountainbike tires.

Hillside Cycling and will be presenting all marshals with a 250 SEK gift certificate to... you guessed it, the!
The winners of the Climb prizes will each receive a 160 SEK gift certificate for gourmet goat ice cream from Gettergod Gelato. The Women's winner will also be awarded a lamb and the Men's winner a goat. We'll also be contributing with the luxurious Lezyne Port-A-Shop tool kit.
Gunn the Lamb
Glenn the Goat